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The Ultimate Guide to MES Systems

Connected Manufacturing & Production Test Systems

An MES System helps guide production operators step by step, through all the tasks required to transform raw materials into finished goods. It does this using digital work instructions, production routings and by connecting to production machinery to build a traceable record of the manufacture of products within a factory.

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How To Do Manufacturing Capacity Planning

Operator working on production line

Effective capacity planning is essential for manufacturing businesses to balance the demands of customers and for the optimal utilisation of manufacturing resources. However, as the manufacturing process becomes more complicated…

What Are Manufacturing Travelers in 2020?

There are still lots of traditional manufacturing travelers and paper work instructions causing problems in otherwise innovative and successful businesses. Why they are used and what alternatives do manufacturing companies have?

How Do You Increase Productivity with a MES?

In order to remain competitive, manufacturers need to maintain high manufacturing productivity – or high revenue generated per employee. Most methods of improving manufacturing productivity begin with a thorough analysis of a company’s systems and…

7 Ways to Grow With An MES

Investing in new production processes is a major step for any business. This article summarises some of the key benefits of using an MES and how our clients have grown their business following implementation…

Manufacturing News and Events

Made In The North West Shortlisted 2019

We are excited to have been shortlisted for this year’s prestigious Made in the North West Awards. Now in its seventh year, the event is a celebration of all that is great about manufacturing in the North West region. It applauds the use of technology, the ambition to export and…

Initiatives for Manufacturing Innovation

Manufacturing Innovation

Our Technical Director, Martin, attended the Wirral Chamber of Commerce Manufacturing Forum earlier this month. The theme of this event was business improvement projects and funding available in the North West, for manufacturing innovation…

New MES Features to Improve Manufacturing

We’ve had a busy couple of months at Metis Automation developing new MES features for our flagship paperless manufacturing software product Tascus. We began a series of customer interviews to get feedback on…

Impact of Digitalising Manufacturing

We visited the Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry for a Digitalising Manufacturing Conference, where Martin had the chance to discuss the benefits that digital manufacturing can bring to manufacturing businesses…