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Features to keep you focused

Tascus from Metis Automation is full of features that will guide your operators through the manufacturing process, prevent mistakes, and eliminate manual data collection

Visual Work Instructions

Give your operators the information they need to build quickly and consistently. Tascus MES is a simple Manufacturing Execution System that will instantly give operators the latest visual work instructions, product routings, quality alerts and rework processes. It helps them to build up to 25% more efficiently and gives you immediate visibility into manufacturing KPIs.

“Tascus helps us to make our products easily and with full traceability. We are now capturing assembly times which is helping us to streamline our processes."

Przemyslaw Kubicki - Operational Excellence Manager

Detect & Prevent Mistakes

With guided manufacturing assembly steps and process integrity checks. You won’t have to suffer the headache of fixing production errors and rework after implementing our paperless manufacturing software.

Improve Visibility

Reduce time spent on manual data collection, eliminate data entry issues and get instant visibility into production status. Tascus will build a full traceable production record of each product, and automatically update progress in the factory.

"We needed an MES system to allow the key users remote access to the production data. The MES system allows for continuous monitoring of all production parameters and key performance indicators with the ability to make decisions quickly.”

David Samuels - Quality Manager

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