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Transform Your Manufacturing Operations  

With Award-Winning Digital Work Instructions

Experience Tascus, our Manufacturing Execution System, offering intuitive digital instructions and complete visibility to optimise production, ensuring top-quality, on-time deliveries with full traceability.

Unlock the Potential of
Digital Manufacturing

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Our Clients

Attain Unrivalled Product Quality

With the Tascus Error Eliminator, errors are virtually eliminated. Digital Work Instructions guide operators through each step with images, video, and text on a touchscreen, ensuring precision.

Barcode scanners guarantee accurate part selection, while Tascus integrates seamlessly with vision systems and tool sensors for process integrity checks. Operators proceed only after each part is correctly installed, safeguarding product integrity.

Achieve Rapid Build Times

The Tascus QuickClock process timer is a pivotal tool in enhancing productivity by providing insights into operator performance. By pinpointing areas where additional training may be beneficial and identifying top performers, it empowers you to optimize your workforce effectively.

Many of our clients leverage this feature to incentivize staff, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and rewarding high performance, thereby boosting morale and fostering employee loyalty.

Streamline Training Processes

With Tascus, training becomes faster and more efficient. Our straightforward Digital Work Instructions offer clear, visual guidance that is easily updated, ensuring even the least tech-savvy personnel can navigate with ease.

Automate Traceability for Enhanced Accuracy  

With Tascus, automated traceability simplifies operations and eliminates manual data entry errors.

Seamlessly track products through each production stage, ensuring compliance and facilitating rework effortlessly.

Real Time Reporting  

Access actionable insights instantly, remotely checking your production status from anywhere. With just a few clicks, generate comprehensive visual data reports that enable you to engage your team effectively, identify and resolve bottlenecks swiftly, track key performance metrics seamlessly, and capitalize on opportunities to optimize efficiency.

Unlock the Potential of
Digital Manufacturing

Download our free Digital Transformation Starter Kit to redefine operational clarity and excellence for your organisation.

How Husco International Ensured Quality to Win New Business:  

Tascushelped Husco International win a £5 million contract with Caterpillar and reduced rework by over £250,000 a year.  

By discarding unreliable paper processes and investing in Tascus, Husco International were able to gain a sizable return on their investment.   

Uncover the secrets behind their success.


Our Mission

We strive to create flow in the working lives of manufacturers. In a positive work environment with reliable systems, teams can showcase their highest quality products with pride.   

We are a family-run business with a passionate team.
We prioritise developing software that is easy to use and delivers massive impact on multiple levels for our valued clients.
Martin Griffiths | CEng/CLA, Co-Founder

What our Customers are Saying:

"Exceeded Expectation..."

"Metis provided an excellent control system upgrade from limited RFQ. Integration of Control System software, DAQ and field wiring exceeded expectation with minimal debug required and in a timely manner. Martin’s industrial /manufacturing knowledge and experience proves to be an invaluable asset in bringing concept through to reality."  

Rufus Francis
Manufacturing Engineer
Husco International

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"Helps us Make our Products Easily"

Tascus helps us to make our products easily and with full traceability. We are now capturing assembly times which is helping us to streamline our processes.

Przemyslaw Kubicki
Continuous Improvement ManagerWipac Technology

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"The Ability to Make Decisions Quickly"

We needed an MES system to allow the key users remote access to the production data. The MES system allows for continuous monitoring of all production parameters and key performance indicators with the ability to make decisions quickly.”

David Samuels
Quality ManagerVitaflo

Quality Manager

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Elevate Your Potential

At Metis Automation, we empower manufacturers to realize their highest potential in delivering top-quality products. Our MES, Tascus, not only enhances productivity but also simplifies compliance, ensuring seamless operations. Choose us for unmatched expertise and a transformative solution.

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