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Paper job cards and spreadsheets are certainly not the best way to manage manufacturing operations in your factory. So, stop using spreadsheets and get the data, KPI reports, visibility and accountability you need to manage a profitable manufacturing operations team. Start using an MES system that is easy for anyone to follow, and helps you implement lean manufacturing principles and continuous improvement. In addition, start tracking production efficiency and get instant feedback on what is and isn’t working in your factory.

Manufacturing Execution System

No More Paper Job Cards & Excel to Manage Your Factory

Spreadsheets aren’t enough because you can’t manage your manufacturing operations well if you don’t have a system that controls what is being built, and that tracks production efficiency. For instance, when everything is tracked on paper or in excel reporting, analysis is time-consuming and painful. Moreover, your team does not have a single source of truth and you, in addition, lack visibility into your team’s activities.

Manufacturing Execution System

Digital Work Instructions

Give your operators the information they need to build quickly and consistently. Tascus MES is a simple Manufacturing Execution System that firstly, gives operators the latest visual work instructions, product routings, quality alerts and rework processes. Secondly, it helps them to build up to 25% more efficiently and gives you immediate visibility into manufacturing KPIs. In other words, exactly what you need to take the next step as a successful business.

Manufacturing Execution System

Integrated & Industry 4.0 Ready

Tascus MES integrates seamlessly with existing software like ERP and MRP systems. For example, we have got integrations for Sage, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics. Moreover, Tascus MES connects to existing tools and machinery throughout your factory floor, using modules that enable automated manufacturing data capture across the whole factory.

Manufacturing Execution System

Paperless Shop Floor Control System

In conclusion, Tascus MES is a Manufacturing Execution System for discrete manufacturers creating complex products. It helps manufacturing operations teams implement flexible, rapid delivery and profitable manufacturing processes. Rather than having information in paper job cards and Excel sheets, our MES allows managers to keep their operations team accountable to production activities while getting business-critical analytics that drives smart decision making.

Manufacturing Execution System

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“Metis Automation delivered an innovative solution across the entire production process. This dramatically improved lead time whilst maintaining quality. It also boosted productivity, digitally connected production systems and provided a more responsive service to customers.”

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