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Manufacturing Execution Systems

Increase Productivity & Quality

Manufacturing discrete products is complex and can cause errors that are costly or damaging to your brand if defective products reach your customers.

Use our manufacturing execution system software that protects your brand whilst reducing costs and increasing profits. We achieve this by cutting defects, improving product performance, reducing downtime and increasing productivity so that you can create consistently high-quality products.


Paperless Manufacturing MES SoftwareTascus, increases your profits by error proofing your production processes, reducing unnecessary rework.


Use our Award Winning software engineers and systems integrators for:

Customised Software Development to solve your unique manufacturing challenges.

Consultation Services to solve your manufacturing operations problems in the areas of production control, quality, traceability and data acquisition.


Metis Automation, Winner – Industry 4.0 Software Award 2017

“Metis Automation had a clear, customer-driven requirement that resulted in a practical, real-life application that is earning their client money now and has assisted their client in doubling the size of their business.”

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