We Develop Innovative Error Proofing Software and Solutions.

Our engineers develop error proofing software and solutions for discrete manufacturers. Software that integrates with production processes using sensors, smart tools, PLC’s, robotics and vision inspection.

Our team has backgrounds in electrical and mechanical engineering enabling them to seamlessly integrate software with manufacturing equipment. They have expertise from over 75 projects and have found an elegant solution to every challenge that they have met.

Metis Automation’s aim has been to develop cutting-edge software that enables manufacturers to reduce costs and increase profits. We achieve this by improving product performance, cutting defects, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

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error proofing software and solutions

Sensor City (Credit: Sensor City)

Working with world-class manufacturers and as part of the innovation hub at Sensor City, we are at the forefront of software development for manufacturing.

We use LabVIEW which is the perfect tool to connect processes and machinery in your factory, as the number of devices it connects to is enormous. As a National Instruments Alliance Partner, we are a trusted provider of software and hardware solutions and our lead architect has been assessed as OUTSTANDING’ in National Instruments’ toughest LabVIEW certification.

error proofing software and solutions

Our Vision

We started this business with a passion for helping manufacturers to create high-quality products so that their brand becomes trusted and respected worldwide.

Our Key Features

error proofing software and solutions

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