Metis Automation Wins Unilever Pitch Challenge

Metis Automation took part in a two-day advanced manufacturing Hack and Pitch event. This was facilitated by InnovateUK, to propose potential solutions to three key packaging challenges raised by Unilever. The Challenge In a joint pitch with Whistonbrook Technologies, Metis Automation won a challenge to measure packaging resilience throughout the supply chain. Judges commended the joint pitch as innovating and an ideal example of what Hack & Pitch events aim to achieve. Notably, a collaboration between companies with the complementary expertise to deliver outstanding solutions to their customers. Unilever has invested in a state of the art Advanced Manufacturing Centre […] Read more

North West LabVIEW User Group February 2018

Come along to our North West LabVIEW User Group and learn about LabVIEW with our expert presentations and interactive sessions. The event will be held on Monday 5th February from 12.30pm – 5.00pm at:- Sensor City 31 Russell Street, Liverpool, Merseyside, L3 5LJ. Register Now: It’s free to come along, so Click Here to Register. If you know someone else in the area who uses LabVIEW, please forward the details to them. Read more

Paperless Manufacturing

Paperless Manufacturing is when work orders and work instructions needed to control the production process, are replaced by an IT System that connects to manufacturing processes. The IT System then controls and guides the production process, resulting in increased efficiency and enhanced product quality. Key Features of Paperless Manufacturing: Digitally connected production systems. Work orders and work instructions delivered to each workstation. Error Proofing from manual decision making at each production station. Reduced training for new products with guided manufacturing processes. Key Results: 30% boost in productivity, as a result of increased machine uptime and usage. Improved reporting and data sharing, […] Read more

Mass Customisation

Mass Customisation is when a manufacturer creates completely customised products at the same scale and cost of mass-produced items. Key Features of Mass Customisation: Customers and suppliers collaborate to create customised products. Unique product designs are scheduled automatically into a manufacturing process while using an automated sales ordering process. Connected Factories can be used to process sales orders into the manufacturing processes, to produce the customised product. Customers can track the progress of their product, with insight into the production data. Key Results: An advantage over competitors, who can consequently only supply a fixed number of options. Reduced manufacturing costs of […] Read more

Metis Automation Wins Industry 4.0 Award

Metis Automation has been recognised as a leading player in providing advanced manufacturing software. We won the Industry 4.0 Award, sponsored by Siemens at The Northern Automotive Alliance Awards 2017. Industry 4.0 is the convergence of digital, physical and biological assets in manufacturing. The Northern Automotive Alliance Awards showcased the successes of vehicle manufacturers, supply chain companies and service providers in the region. The ceremony was held on The 9th of November 2017 at the Mere Hotel Golf Resort Knutsford. The judges acknowledged that Metis Automation has a clear, client-driven requirement that results in a practical, real-life application. For this reason, our […] Read more

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 (otherwise known as connected manufacturing)was developed in Germany as a proposed way for SME manufacturers to remain competitive and relevant in the future. German business leaders recognised that their factories could not compete with low-cost manufacturing abroad, so they decided to develop new and innovative techniques to stay competitive. Key Features of Industry 4.0: Digitally connected production systems Paperless factories with fewer overheads More responsive manufacturing businesses Process automation that speeds manufacturing processes Supply chain automation to integrate with customers and suppliers Key Results: Software, Hardware, Integration & Support Service 30% boost in productivity, as a result of increased […] Read more

Connected Manufacturing

Connected Manufacturing is a factory automation system where manual and automated manufacturing processes are connected together. Consequently, this allows the automation of entire manufacturing processes and production planning. Key features of Connected Manufacturing: Manual and Automated processes are connected to business planning systems. Immediate feedback on the current production status. Improved maintenance and machine usage. Automated control of the manufacturing process and flow. Key Results: 30% boost in productivity as a result of increased machine uptime and usage. Reduced time for marketing new products. Competitive advantage as a result of meeting customer demand with ‘make to order’ products. Increased production quality and reporting as a result of […] Read more

Northern Automotive Alliance Business Awards

Metis Automation has been recognised as a leading player in the automotive industry. We have been shortlisted for the high profile Northern Automotive Alliance Business Awards taking place on 9th November 2017, in the Industry 4.0 section. Industry 4.0 is the coming together of digital, physical and biological assets. It is creating unprecedented opportunities for UK manufacturing businesses and supply chains, to optimise productivity and competitiveness. The award is open to SME’s who have used these technology enablers to markedly benefit their core business. Metis Automation has software and systems that help advanced manufacturers to implement Industry 4.0 to consequently grow […] Read more

AMRC Factory 2050 Visit

Martin Griffiths our Technical Director, visited the ARMC Factory 2050 in Sheffield organised by the Northern Automotive Alliance. He spent the afternoon viewing some of their advanced manufacturing technologies. During the visit, he witnessed advanced robotic CNC machining; assisted assembly processes and automated vision inspection systems. These technologies are solving challenges for large manufacturing companies and SME’s. CNC Robots The tour started in the ARMC Factory 2050 machine shop. This houses several Kuka robots which have been modified to perform CNC machining operations. These machines are designed to give more flexibility to the machining process. They also give the ability […] Read more

Communicating with Smart Tools

Smart tools can be used in advanced manufacturing processes to put automation directly into the hands of operators. They eliminate manufacturing mistakes, speed up production time and automate data collection and manufacturing traceability. They are a low-cost investment that can transform manufacturing processes and save costly rework or product recalls. I will outline their basic operation and the strategies for using them in assembly and manufacturing operations. What is a Smart Tool? Smart tools perform the same functions as regular manufacturing tools. However, they also have; sensors, electronics, a processor and a communications module. This enables them to be programmed […] Read more