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Metis Automation has recently joined the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA). The NAA supports companies throughout the North of the UK, that work in and also supply to the automotive industry.

Joining the Northern Automotive Alliance

This has been important for Metis Automation. We are strongly focused on software and technology for the automotive industry across OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and SMEs. Our goal is to help improve the manufacturing capabilities of all involved in the automotive industry and as a result, help bring better quality products to consumers.

Connected Manufacturing in the Automotive Industry

We are working with several Tier 1 and SME suppliers in the automotive industry, using our manufacturing control software Tascus, to improve their manufacturing processes. The suppliers are being driven by OEM manufacturers to implement Connected Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 processes in their factories. OEM manufacturers see this as important to maintain high quality standards in products supplied. They also find that product tracability helps to contain any component failures that may be found in the field.

Test in the Automotive Industry

Many automotive companies use our test software Metest and our systems, to improve time to market during R&D Validation tests. They also use Metest for functional end of production line testing. This helps to ensure that products leave the factory defect free, maintaining their brand reputation with automotive OEMs.