Don’t Get Left BehindBoost your product quality and increase your factory efficiency with our Connected Manufacturing Operations Software – Tascus

Tascus, connected manufacturing operations software, enables you to connect and manage your production processes and as a result keeps you ahead of your competition.
Connected Manufacturing Operations Software


Connect Manufacturing Operations

  • Up to 30% increase in productivity, because less time is spent selecting the correct machine option or using manual work instructions.
  • Be faster to market with new products, as a result of reduced training and planning time for manufacturing operations.
  • Meet customer demand with ‘Customised’ products, because product manufacturing information can be sent directly to the production line.
  • Improve product quality due to standardising manufacturing operations across multiple machines and manual operations.
  • Integrate existing processes easily and quickly due to connecting directly with digital machinery or by adding sensors to manual processes.

Connected Manufacturing Operations Software

Automate Product Routing

  • Up to 30% increase in productivity due to automating product routing.
  • Reduce production bottlenecks, because the automated product routing will predict and automatically re-balance production flow.
  • Improve rework productivity, because Tascus will automatically map the shortest route for rework.
  • Reduce production lead times, by instructing Tascus to prioritise urgent items.
  • Enhance manufacturing insight for you and your customers, due to generating manufacturing lead time estimates.

Connected Manufacturing Operations Software


Analyse & Report Manufacturing Data

      • Meet customer standards for production trace-ability and reporting, due to all production data being stored in one place – your production database.
      • Impress your customers, with product manufacturing data reports.
      • Get immediate notification of important issues, due to status and improvement reports emailed to key managers and supervisors.


There are 3 software applications that work together to create a connected manufacturing process with trace-ability, verification tests and guided assembly.

Connected Manufacturing Operations Software

Tascus Station:

Firstly, a software application runs each manufacturing station, and connects to production devices. Barcode scanners, cameras, test equipment and DC nut runners are included. It handles production workflow logic, product report generation and rework logic.

Tascus station software has functions to connect to the following manufacturing processes:

  • Work Instruction Display – Image & Video
  • Scan & Record Components
  • DC Nut Runner (via Open Protocol)
  • Smart Arm Nut Runner (DC Nut Runner with Encoders for position verification)
  • Pick Station
  • Inspect Camera Image
  • Leak Test (via Furness Leak Tester)
  • Electrical Test

Each Tascus production station will:

  • Process Integrity Checking
  • Customisable Rework Logic
  • Component Failure Logging
  • Traceable Production Operations
  • Production Data Reporting
  • ERP Connectivity

Example Tascus Station User Interfaces

Tascus Data Storage:

  • All configuration and production traceability data is stored in a SQL Server database, hosted locally or in the cloud with Microsoft Azure.
  • All production data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server Database, including production configuration data and information recorded during the production process.
  • This database can be optionally stored locally on a company data server, or in the cloud using Microsoft Azure.

Tascus Production Dashboard:

Finally, a web hosted set of reporting and analysis tools show the current status of production, product reports and production line efficiency. A series of web reporting tools gives managers insight into the production process, with viewers and analysis tools that present production data in an easy to read format.

This includes:

  • Production Line Status Viewer – Shows current product operations, Takt times, and Percentage completion.
  • Product Report Viewer – Allows you to retrieve a full production report by part number and serial number. This can also be used at an end of production line tollgate to check a product is ready to ship.
  • Production Line Efficiency Viewer – Shows live efficiencies: OEE, Availability, Performance and Quality.




In conclusion, Tascus can be the heart of your Connected Factory. Get started by requesting a Connected Manufacturing Road-mapping session and plan out how to optimise your manufacturing processes.