Give yourself more control over your test processes and stay ahead of the competition. Use Metest – our powerful Configurable Test Sequencer Software, to boost your product quality and also increase efficiency. View a demo of Metest here:

Metest uses powerful & flexible LabVIEW software modules, to configure and run production & validation test sequences. 


Helps you to produce superior products at competitive prices, with Metest you can:

  • Create and customise test sequences quickly and easily.
  • It is simple to test complex products.
  • Gives more control over test processes, boosts product quality and increases throughput.
  • Provides greater insight into your production test data, enabling you to improve your processes.
  • There is no manual decision making = No manufacturing errors.

Operator Interfaces:

  • Designed to be easy for operators to use in a complex production environment.
  • Works with touchscreens, bar code scanners and a wide variety of industrial equipment.
  • Makes a single intuitive interface to the entire production process.
  • Helps to eliminate process mistakes and speed up operator training for new, complex products.
Test Sequencer Software

Metest, Test Sequencer Software –  Production Test Screen

Configuration Tools:

  • A powerful Sequence Editor gives you the ability to configure production sequences using sequence steps as building blocks.
  • Enables you to create unlimited custom steps to communicate with any industrial process.
  • Allows quality checking at each production station to eliminate production mistakes.

Metes - Test Sequencer Software

Data Storage & Management:

  • Test results can be stored into SQL Databases and .csv Text Files.
  • SQL data storage makes security and back-ups of data easy.
  • Data Storage & Reporting can be customised to your specifications.

Developer Tools:

  • A suite of LabVIEW test step templates makes it easy for developers to add features.
  • You can add new functions by using our LabVIEW templates & Test Sequencer API.


  • Flexible price plans are available.
  • Comprehensive support is included.
  • A choice of Software Packages are also available.