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Visual work instructions for a manufacturing process. What are they and why are they useful?

Firstly, having things explained in a clear visual way, can speed up the training process, reduce errors and help to standardise processes across a manufacturing company. Secondly, this can lead to improved productivity, efficiency and quality.

Visual work instructions mean taking photographs and videos of how the ideal manufacturing process should be performed. The aim is to make it easier for new hires and the team to replicate that process more closely.

They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. Having one video or image makes it clearer for people than having text instructions explaining how something should be done. In the past, generating those instructions would have meant taking pictures, printing them out on paper and putting them into a folder or on a work cell somewhere. However, these days using tablets and screens across the factory creates a great solution for digital visual work instructions. An operator can just scan a barcode, it presents it to them and walks them through the process.

This video covers the principles of visual work instructions and the easiest ways to get them used across your business. So, watch the video to see how this works with the key features in our Tascus manufacturing execution system.