Your Factory Command & Control Centre

Increase Your Production Efficiency
With an Award-Winning Paperless Manufacturing Software

Cut Production Errors by 30%

You won’t have to suffer the headache of fixing production errors and rework after implementing our paperless manufacturing software.

Make Better Business Decisions

You’ll be able to see what is happening in your factory, with insight into live production statistics and product progress.

Cut Overheads and Increase Profits

By reducing the time it takes to create complex products. Our clients use Tascus to get products to market faster and with less cost and effort.

Maintain Full Product Traceability

Tascus allows you to automatically track and trace all components and processes in your manufacturing procedure..

Prevent Mistakes Progressing

Eliminate the chance of missing critical operations or allowing faulty products to progress through the factory with process checks at each production stage.

  • Visual Inspections
  • Measurements with Pass / Fail Criteria
  • Connect to sensors & cameras

Train Operators Quickly

Allow for seamless product change over in a clutter-free workspace, by eliminating paper work instructions. Instead, use automatically updated instructions across your factory and prevent mistakes that occur when out of date instructions are used.

  • Visual work instructions
  • Video, image, CAD models, drawings
  • Integrated product BOMs

Instant KPI Reports

Spending hours manually generating KPI reports is a thing of the past with customisable reports including Right First Time, Cycle Time Planned vs Actual, Customer Schedule Adherence and OEE, for instance.

  • OEE, Productivity
  • Cycle Times – Standard vs Actual
  • Customer Schedule Adherence
  • Customised Reports 

“Tascus helps us to make our products easily and with full traceability. We are now capturing assembly times which is helping us to streamline our processes. We have been using this system for several months and all the time we are improving our processes to be even better.”

Przemyslaw Kubicki – Operational Excellence Manager

Seamless Shopfloor Data Capture

Ensure all production information is captured automatically including measurements, inspections and component batch numbers.

  • Full digital record of the manufacturing process
  • Include product images
  • Export to csv, pdf and send direct to customers

Easy to Setup, Easy To Use

A training specialist will host comprehensive training to help you complete your first production runs within 10 days.

  • Cloud or Local On Site Hosting
  • UK Installation & Training Team
  • Customisation to your business needs

“We needed an MES system to allow the key users remote access to the production data. The MES system allows for continuous monitoring of all production parameters and key performance indicators with the ability to make decisions from home.”

David Samuels – Quality Manager

More Features

Software Integrations

  • ERP – Sage, Microsoft Navision
  • Import works orders
  • Update production status

Connect To Sensors & Machinery

  • OPC
  • Modbus
  • Ethernet/IP

Track & Trace

  • Barcode scanners
  • RFID
  • Label printing

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Increase Your Production Efficiency
With an Award-Winning Paperless Manufacturing Software