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Hi, Martin here from Metis Automation. In my video, I am going to talk about how to configure our Manufacturing Execution System – Tascus.  You can use this fantastic tool to capture and record some of the downtime that you might experience in your manufacturing process. Most importantly Tascus will help you avoid downtime.

Maximise Your Manufacturing Productivity

As we all know, it is key and extremely important to capture the reasons for downtime and measure manufacturing downtime effectively.   It is also crucial to record the periods of time that are consumed with downtime.  These records will enable you to make continuous improvements towards optimising your manufacturing productivity.

Avoid Parts Shortage and Avoid Waiting Time in the Manufacturing Process

Parts shortages can lead to your employees unable to continue their work. Additionally parts shortages may lead to unexpected breakdowns on machinery. The first thing to do, before you can resolve those problems is categorise them.  If you can figure out what they are with 80 / 20 analysis.  Ideally use the Pareto principle to split out the problems which are causing the most impact and causing the most disruption.  Then systematically go through and resolve the issues one by one. By doing this, you’ll end up with a more productive process.

How Tascus Can Help You

So bearing that in mind, in Tascus, we’ve added some tools to enable the capturing of that downtime and make it easier to resolve.  

Watch the video below to see how Tascus can help you.  We use a simple traffic light system, green for fully functional,  amber means that there is some kind of delay and red means aligned stoppage.