Frequently Asked Questions

General 2 questions
  • What is Tascus?

    Tascus is a paperless manufacturing execution system (MES) designed to add quality control, traceability and product customisation into discrete manufacturing processes.

  • What are the benefits of using Tascus?
    • Cut production errors by 30%.
    • Reduce costly product rework.
    • Maintain full product traceability.
    • Improve product quality.
    • Integrate manufacturing processes easily and quickly.
    • Ensure errors are found early.
Technical 2 questions
  • What do I do if I get a “Can’t Start” message?

    If a “Can’t Start…” message is shown after scanning a barcode, check that the part number has been added to the parts database and has a production operation and production sequence assigned to it.

  • Why am I getting slow loading sequences?

    This is usually caused when using a cloud database and is related to a slow internet connection, or a large load on the cloud database. If it is a persistent problem, report the issue to Metis Automation.

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