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Creating Digital Manufacturing Travellers

by | Sep 28, 2021 | Education & Resources | 0 comments

Digital manufacturing travellers in a manufacturing process are required for traceability purposes. It’s where you record every stage and every operation in the manufacturing process that’s been completed. You capture key information like quality inspections, measurements, batch numbers or serial numbers of components that have been used as part of the process. Also, things like key process information, such as, if it’s been cured in an oven, for how long, at what temperature and by who.

Collecting all this information can be quite a big task in a manufacturing process. Traditionally it was done on paper. So every order that went through a factory had a job pack in there. It had the manufacturing traveller, and operators would just initial it and write what they’ve done as it progresses through the manufacturing process.

These days you can create digital manufacturing travellers. It means your business is moving towards going paperless. It can lead to fewer mistakes and it means that any issues are identified earlier. For example, If there’s a measurement that’s out of range. There’s no need to write it down and wait until the error is picked up at the end of the process. It can be electronically, entered as soon as it happens. People can be notified about it and corrective action can be taken immediately.

Within Tascus Manufacturing Execution System, digital manufacturing travellers are a key component of that. So, every production sequence that you run, creates a manufacturing Traveller. So let’s take a quick look at how that works in Tascus.