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Tool Traceability

When manual tools are used in the manufacturing process, it is very important for quality standards to record exactly which tool reference number has been used. It is also important to keep that aligned with its calibration records and its service records. If this is recorded you know, as well as all the components that have gone into building of a manufacturing product are correct, that also all of the manual tools used are also the correct tools.

How Metis Can Help You

Historically, most manufacturers use paper or Excel spreadsheets of what tools have been used and whether they’re up to date or not. Alternatively, we’ve added a new feature into the Tascus Manufacturing Execution System to automatically let you scan the tool and attach it to a workstation. With this exciting new feature, you can easily check if it is the right tool that has been used for the process.

So take a look at the video below which explains how to set this process up. When you have watched the video, please let us know if this looks like it will help with your traceability of using tools in the manufacturing process.

It is important to note that we have added this new process in order to make it easy and expandable. This means you do not have to put specific tool names into a production sequence, which would quickly make maintenance of the system difficult. We’ve added it in an easy way and in an expandable way so that you can add tools which can then be used at multiple different workstations across your factory.