Increase Product Quality with Our Error Prevention MES Software for Manufacturing

Product errors and rework, cost manufacturers £1 Billion in 2017 alone. Use our comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software – Tascus to create high-quality products with minimum defects. Tascus reduces or eliminates time spent on rework, with manufacturing process control, traceability, operations management and quality control. This MES software lets you improve productivity by 30%, win new business with higher value customers and protect your brand reputation.

Tascus – Error Proofing MES Software

Our MES Software checks for errors throughout your production process -as opposed to just at the end- saving you time and reducing or eliminating rework costs by preventing errors before they happen. Tascus also enables you to cut the cost of the rework that’s unavoidable, by identifying faults at a much earlier stage in your production process.

Key Benefits

  • Cut Production Errors by 30with guided manufacturing assembly steps and process integrity checks. You won’t have to suffer the headache of fixing production errors and rework after implementing our error proofing software, Tascus.
  • Reduce Costly Product Rework by preventing product defects and profit from your reduced manufacturing costs.
  • Maintain Full Product TraceabilityEliminate the expense of mass product recalls, as Tascus traces which faulty components have been fitted in your products. Therefore, you only need to recall the affected items.
  • Improve Product Quality by standardising manufacturing operations with work instructions and functional testing.
  • Integrate Manufacturing Processes Easily and Quickly by connecting directly to smart tools or adding sensors to manual processes.
  • Perform Quality Checks and Functional Tests that Ensure Errors are Found Early. Be at ease in the knowledge that Tascus is in place, protecting your brand 24/7 so you don’t have to worry.

MES Software, Tascus Features


  • Production Control
  • E-Work Instructions
    Allow for seamless product change-over in a clutter free workspace, by eliminating the storage of paper work instructions. Instead use monitors across your factory with automatically updated instructions preventing the mistakes that occur when out of date instructions are used.
  • Video Work Instructions
    Eliminate in person training and tedious instruction manuals. Our video will easily explain complex manufacturing sequences.
  • Augmented Reality Work Instructions
    Eliminate human error by using visual instructions that overlay images and directions onto a product.
  • Scan, Trace & Track Components
    Reduce errors as the software checks each component as it is assembled. Eliminate expensive mass product recalls by tracing the exact components with defects, if a problem arises after your products have been shipped.
  • Pick Station
    Increase productivity by eliminating the need to search through lengthy part number descriptions. Visually assisted component selection makes it quicker and easier to select the correct part every time.
  • Connect To Smart Tools
    Reduce the human error from tool selection using one smart tool as opposed to many manual tools. For traceability the tool records that the operation was completed successfully and stored data lets you make informed decisions if you decide to change or improve your process.
  • Connect to PLCs
    Improve productivity and reduce errors as Tascus will automatically connect to PLC's and select the right program settings for your products.
  • Connect To Tightening Tools
    Simplify your processes by reducing the number of tools needed to complete a job. Stored data from the tool ensures the tightening was done successfully.
  • Tightening Tool with Positional Control
    Reduce errors, as this tool ensures that you are tightening the correct component into the right position on your product.
  • Process Integrity Checks
    Eliminate the chance of missing critical operations or performing them in the wrong order with process checks at each production stage.
  • Basic Rework Logic
    Increase productivity and reduce trial and error in rework, as the software will systemise the sequence of operations needed.
  • ERP Connectivity
    Reduce costly workarounds by bridging the gap between ERP systems and manufacturing operations. Use product information to automatically build customised production sequences.
  • Advanced AI Rework Logic
    Stop relying on costly trial and error methods to solve your rework problems. Use this trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI) to correctly decide which is the most effective, efficient solution to resolve your manufacturing errors.
  • Traceability
  • Product Traceability
    Reduce time spent manually tracing which components were used in your products, Tascus will automatically track and trace all components used during manufacture.
  • Process Traceability
    Impress your customers by being able to track which process conditions were used to create their products. Tascus will automatically store that data for you.
  • Product Certificate
    Save time by automatically generating and sending product manufacturing certificates.
  • Product Image Capture
    Solve production issues quicker using product images captured on the production line.
  • Operator Assistance
  • Skills Database
    Improve product quality with this database that ensures that only correctly trained operators can work on manufacturing processes.
  • Operator Action Log
    Improve product quality with data recorded that allows you to identify when operators need additional training.
  • Quality Control
  • Manual Functional Test
    Protect your brand and ensure that your product works as expected. When you input measurements to the software you will get correct Pass/Fail results.
  • Electrical Functional Test
    Improve productivity with automated electrical tests and increase product quality with higher test coverage.
  • Pneumatic Functional Test
    Save time and ensure that your product works as expected, with automated pneumatic tests.
  • Product Vision Inspection
    Improve product quality by ensuring that the correct components are fitted to your products with vision inspection.
  • Production Visibility
  • Production Report Viewer
    Reduce time manually creating product reports, let Tascus generate them automatically for you.
  • Production Line Status Viewer
    Run a more effective factory with increased availability of production progress information, that is available even when staff are absent.
  • OEE Reporting
    Quickly identify quality or productivity issues as Tascus automatically calculates and stores Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data.
  • Configuration
  • Station Sequence Editor
    Easily build customised manufacturing operations sequences in house, for each of your products.
  • Production Flow Editor
    Protect product quality when manufacturing complex products that are built across your factory. Use Tascus to keep the production sequence intact by defining where specific parts are made.
  • Cloud Data Storage
    Eliminate the cost of local data servers with instant, secure access to your test data anywhere across the web.
  • Private In-House Data Storage
    If your policy is to keep data in house then access your data on a local server.


Basic Error Checking and Traceability


Error Checking & Process Integration


Advanced Features for OEMs & Tier 1 Suppliers