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We’ve had a busy couple of months at Metis Automation developing new MES features for our flagship paperless manufacturing software product Tascus.

In January, we began a series of customer interviews to get feedback on what features we could add that would bring value to manufacturers. As a result, we have recently added the following features:

  • Display smart work instructions. These can populate with values taken from step measurements. This makes it easier for your production operators to follow complex work instructions and reduces the chance of errors.
  • Display work instructions with CAD models. This means that you can cut out the step of generating work instructions as images, HTML or pdf. Instead, you can use product CAD models to give production operators product guidance.
  • Capture product images from USB cameras. These images will be recorded against the production step and time. You can track how the product looked at each stage of the manufacturing process. Our product report viewer allows you to view each production step result with the image of the product that has been captured.
  • Handle Non-Conforming Materials Efficiently. We’ve added workflows so that operators can quickly record any non-conforming materials, including the reasons for rejection. This allows you to quickly respond, classify and identify any materials or supplier issues.

Tascus Free Trial

As well as adding these new MES features, we’ve also launched a limited free trial of Tascus. This allows manufacturers to use the full features of Tascus free for 30 days, to evaluate how it can improve productivity and quality in their factory.