Increase your production quality with our Paperless Manufacturing Software

Our manufacturing clients use our comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES), to keep ahead of the competition in globally competitive markets.

Tascus reduces or eliminates time spent on rework, with manufacturing process control, traceability, operations management and quality control. This MES software lets you improve productivity by 30%, win new business with higher value customers and protect your brand reputation.

Key Benefits

  • Cut Production Errors by 30with guided manufacturing assembly steps and process integrity checks. You won’t have to suffer the headache of fixing production errors and rework after implementing our Paperless Manufacturing software, Tascus.
  • Make Better Business Decisions with accurate data automatically captured automatically from the shop floor. You’ll be able to see what is happening in your factory, giving insight into live production statistics and product progress.
  • Reduce Production Lead Time and provide a more responsive service to customers. Tascus reduces the overhead of producing customised products from many different options.
  • No Upfront Costs. Get immediate ROI with low monthly subscription pricing. Tascus’ subscription pricing enables manufacturers of all sizes to benefit from advanced production control software.
  • Cut Overheads and Increase Profits by reducing the time it takes to create complex products. Our clients use Tascus to get products to market faster and with less cost and effort.
  • Maintain Full Product Traceability by eliminating the expense of mass product recalls. Tascus allows you to automatically track and trace all components and processes in your manufacturing procedure.


  • Smart Work Instructions – our assembly software uses digital work instructions to guide operators.
    Allow for seamless product change-over in a clutter-free workspace, by eliminating the storage of paper work instructions. Instead, use monitors across your factory with automatically updated instructions preventing the mistakes that occur when out of date instructions are used.

  • Maintain Process Integrity with sequenced production operations and integrity checks.
    Eliminate the chance of missing critical operations or performing them in the wrong order with process checks at each production stage.

  • Customise Your Production Sequences with our intuitive production sequence editor.
    Easily build customised manufacturing operations sequences in-house for each of your products. Easily create variations of product sequences for different product models to enable your factory to automatically handle customisation of your products.

  • Production Dashboard – see what’s happening at a glance on the shop floor.
    Quickly identify quality or productivity issues as Tascus automatically calculates and stores Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) data.

  • Production Status – quickly see what’s in production and what’s held up. 
    Run a more effective factory with increased availability of production progress information. Quickly view what in production, what is suspended and what has been completed.

  • Report Generator – Automatically create product certificates and reports.
    Reduce time manually creating product reports, let Tascus generate them automatically for you.

Who It’s For

  • Managers and Directors – Increase profits through more efficient processes.
  • Supervisors – Easily meet production targets with live shop floor data.
  • Operators – Avoid costly mistakes when making complex products