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What would life be like if owning a car wasn’t the norm? Antonio Ferreira has his own ideas. I spoke to Antonio about the past, present, and future of the sustainable automotive manufacturing industry across the world.

As a globally renowned visionary in his industry, Antonio believes that we’re about to see some incredible changes sooner than we’d think. He has helped – and will continue to help – manufacturers transform their supply chains to suit an ever-changing market.

Firstly, in this interview, we’re talking about how the idea of getting from A to B trumps vehicle ownership, what that means for car dealerships and manufacturers, and how the endless search for a commodity is going to transform the way we move.

We cover all sorts of things with Antonio. He believes that the current business model for vehicle ownership of transportation isn’t working at the moment.

In the future, consumers will want a commodity, to basically just transport them from A to B. Whether that be an Uber, a taxi, train, or a car, they don’t really mind as long as they have something to take them from the A to B pass. Subsequently, the model of car ownership, where someone takes their test and gets their first set of car keys at 17, is long gone. Today’s upcoming generations are more interested in sustainability and environmental impact and functionality. They’re more interested in the devices and connectivity of the vehicle, rather than the feel or performance of the drive.

We talk about the impact of that on manufacturers and supply chains. Antonio thinks that upfront payments for cars and one-off costs for components throughout the supply chain aren’t working. However, if automotive manufacturers shift to a more service and subscription method of payment, such as joint ownership and joint rewards in the usage of the income from that car over its five- or ten-year lifespan, there will be a more sustainable future for the manufacturing supply chains.

Finally, Antonio speaks about helping automotive companies globally improve and develop supply chains. He also tells me about the exciting new project that he’s working on at the moment. It’s a technology enabler for creating shared ownership of the assets or the income from automotive ownership.

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