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Metis Automation has built our expertise in developing custom software solutions to improve product quality and manufacturing process.  With an increasing focus on Industry 4.0, we have updated our vision and published a new website to make it easier for customers to showcase our manufacturing products.

Our revised vision is to develop cutting-edge software that enables manufacturers to reduce costs and increase profits. We achieve this by improving product performance, cutting defects, increasing productivity and reducing downtime.

What We Do

Metis Automation develops error proofing software and solutions for discrete manufacturers. Software that integrates with production processes using sensors, smart tools, PLC’s, robotics and vision inspection.

Our custom software products have been developed to help you overcome your quality and productivity challenges. They will error-proof your production processes and reduce unnecessary rework, protect your brand by preventing product defects from reaching your customers, and cut your costs by eliminating avoidable machine breakdowns.