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Martin and Bernadette Griffiths attended the NI Engineering Impact Awards last Monday. Metis Automation were finalists in the Electrical Test category, for our work with ESR Technology on automated test software for a Solar Orbiter satellite.

This case study showcased our use of LabVIEW alongside CompactDAQ, to build a flexible and reliable test solution for a demanding application. We used our test sequencing software solution Metest, to help ensure this was a successful project. It gave engineers at ESR Technology the flexibility to configure complex and repeatable test sequences, used to prove the reliability of instrumentation travelling to the most extreme environment in our universe. Scientists from the European Space Agency will use the data transmitted back from the solar orbiter, to gain deeper understanding into Sun Storms and Sun Spots that affect our environment and satellite communications around the world.

The overall winner of the Engineering Impact Awards was a project to build the highest bandwidth mobile broadband test system, achieving 50 x times the current maximum data rates achieved. This will help to establish standards for 5G mobile broadband connections around the world.