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Metis Automation has been recognised as a leading player in the automotive industry. We have been shortlisted for the high profile Northern Automotive Alliance Business Awards taking place on 9th November 2017, in the Industry 4.0 section.

Industry 4.0 is the coming together of digital, physical and biological assets. It is creating unprecedented opportunities for UK manufacturing businesses and supply chains, to optimise productivity and competitiveness. The award is open to SME’s who have used these technology enablers to markedly benefit their core business.

Metis Automation has software and systems that help advanced manufacturers to implement Industry 4.0 to consequently grow their business.

We develop advanced software for connected manufacturing in the automotive industry, in two areas:

  • Firstly, to get new products to market quickly whilst ensuring that they are fit for purpose, safe and reliable. This is achieved through automated validation testing, which speeds up the design iteration cycle.
  • Secondly, to manufacture complex, customised products with zero defects. This helps manufacturers to improve productivity win new business and strengthen brand reputation. It is achieved using software that connects manual processes, machines and products throughout a factory.

Our application entry project:

We helped our automotive customer to offer new digital products to key accounts, by exporting production line data directly to customers. This is then used to perform an automatic machine calibration, which saves hours of manual vehicle set up at the end of the production line. Consequently, this has led to a night & day improvement in machine performance. As a result, our customer is winning new business within existing accounts. They are seeing major improvements in product performance, which is perceived as superior to competitors, at little or no cost.

The Metis team of software developers and systems integrators have the expertise to implement digital manufacturing systems. Our goal is to gain more expertise in data storage, management and analysis. Furthermore, to develop cloud offerings of our key software solutions, that SME manufacturers can use to improve their businesses at an affordable cost.