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Public transport, shipping, and international travel are all transforming to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly. But what happens when you think smaller? What about shorter, faster trips that don’t necessarily warrant hopping on a bus or train to get somewhere?

Jez Williman’s UK-based company is here to make those trips a reality. D-Fly Group is transforming the mobility for individual people, by manufacturing a luxury, electric hyperscooter that shoots to the shops, to the beach, and to the drive-through in a more individualistic and sustainable way. However, people aren’t just doing quick trips – they’re doing everything from doughnuts to wheelies.

Want to know more about this strangely sustainable new solution to how we move? Then join us for another exciting instalment of Manufacturers Makes Strides and find out how Jez Williman is changing the future of mobility for the individual, one spunky little scooter at a time.

Here, I talk to Jez about how his company D-Fly has launched a new form of urban electric transport. Their flagship product, Dragonfly Hyperscooter, is an innovative form of electric scooter. It’s for city dwellers, adventure seekers and also safe path travellers.

Jez used his 27 years of experience in manufacturing to build D-Fly. Firstly they outsourced manufacturing and iterated the designs until they got a unique mobility product out there. As a result, D-fly successfully brought to market an innovative transport solution for automotive consumers looking for something different.

In this interview, Jez also shares with me his vision to take some of the control, ride and feel of track race cars into a completely new design of electric scooters. He tells me about some of the epic things that D-fly’s customers are doing with their electric scooters, as well as talking about his exciting vision. The vision for people to be able to use the scooter for everything – from rides on the beach, through cities and everywhere in-between.

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