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Metis Automation has been recognised as a leading player in providing advanced manufacturing software. We won the Industry 4.0 Award, sponsored by Siemens at The Northern Automotive Alliance Awards 2017. Industry 4.0 is the convergence of digital, physical and biological assets in manufacturing.

The Northern Automotive Alliance Awards showcased the successes of vehicle manufacturers, supply chain companies and service providers in the region. The ceremony was held on The 9th of November 2017 at the Mere Hotel Golf Resort Knutsford.

The judges acknowledged that Metis Automation has a clear, client-driven requirement that results in a practical, real-life application. For this reason, our client has been able to win new business with large OEM customers. Metis Automation won because our project made the biggest positive impact on the business of a manufacturing company.

The NAA states that: “The winners of the Northern Automotive Alliance (NAA) Awards 2017 show that there is real progress being made in the region’s automotive sector, in factories harnessing the latest Industry 4.0 technologies.”

What We Did

Metis Automation helped a manufacturer of control valves, to significantly transform their production processes.  As a result, we were able to offer digital data products to industry-leading digger manufacturers. Metis Automation’s software shares production line data directly with the digger manufacturer. Consequently, this enables an automatic calibration of the control valve in the digger, thus eliminating many hours of manual tuning. This has lead to a ‘night & day’ vehicle performance improvement, allowing our client to increase sales to key customers.

Martin Griffiths director at Metis Automation says “I am of course very pleased that the company has been recognised as the leading Industry 4.0 software provider. It is my intention to ensure that our team keep the business objective of the project in the forefront of their minds.  In particular, we want to ensure that our customers get the maximum return on their investment.”