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Your Reason’s Why… 

5 Reasons to join the Metis family:

We’re more than a MES software, we have embedded our family values with our business vision. 


Family Values

We are family business that share family values with our clients. Providing, care, attentiveness and understanding. 

World Leading Software Architect

Our founder, Martin, is one of the world’s leading software architect. With XX year’s experience in manufacturing, he has the knowledge and experience to understand the pain points of the industry. Tascus was built to relieve those pain points, from a manufacturing perspective.

Unleash the Power of Digital Manufacturing in 5 Steps

Before you can leave error filled paper work instructions for good and move seamlessly to an accurate touchscreen system, implement these 5 simple steps now to prepare you to transform the way your team work.


“This is a great resource for manufactuers not sure how to get started” – John Smith, Acme Corp

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Award Winning

Our MES platform, Tascus, has had the honour of winning an Industry 4.0 Award. We have also been shortlisted for… XXXX

Proven ROI

Our MES platform, Tascus, has been proven to give our clients a return on their investment. One of our clients achieved:

New Revenue – £5M / year​

Reduced Rework – £250k / year

factory automation, improve product lead time, digital production

Case studies

Looking for more reasons why? Our case studies are proof of the results you can expect to receive when you choose Tascus as your solution…

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