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Vivid Vision

 This is the Metis Automation Vivid Vision (from the book by Cameron Herald), it shows our clear vision for where the company will be by 2023

Metis automation work culture, work life balance


  • Great work life balance
  • 4 Day Work Week



  • Figurehead CEO who is a thought leader in manufacturing transformation. Someone who has built a successful manufacturing business and implemented digital manufacturing.
  • Sales and marketing are a young team who are constantly striving to implement new methods of SaaS sales & marketing techniques
  • Software team is filled with talented web and backend developers and data scientists
  • Support team based around the world on key continents – Europe, Asia & America


  • Remote distributed team with a few keys hubs (office or hotdesk) at manufacturing growth accelerator areas e.g. Sheffield Factory 2050, Coventry MTC, Daresbury, Germany, Poland, USA
  • Global staff in strategic countries and continents to provide global 24 hr support e.g. Europe, USA, Asia
  • Twice yearly meetups in resort locations for team bonding e.g. Hawaii, Mexico, Spain, Skiing
  • Daily & Weekly online team standup meetings
  • Great processes, metrics and tools for helping the team to connect and keep on track to smash goals
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  • Closing £500k – £1M sales with OEM & Tier 1 Manufacturers
  • Building relationships and adding value to CXO’s at large manufacturers
  • Sales in UK, Europe, USA & Asia
  • A scaleable, repeatable sales process with high conversion rates
  • Running sales experiments and R&D to break into new markets and increase conversion rates
  • A specialized sales team with SDRs, Account Execs and Account Managers focused on key verticals
  • Customer success enables us to 5x our initial sales into key accounts by internal growth and referrals



  • We’ve become a high quality global resource of how to transform a manufacturing business through lean, digital etc…
  • Team members are keynote speakers at global manufacturing transformation events
  • We have an easy lead generation process that generates 100’s of MQL’s each month
  • We create case studies and videos that build trust and educate customers and leads
  • Online webinars that educate CXO’s about digital manufacturing and business transformation
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  • Our figurehead CEO is leading what the next breakthrough technology will be, we then develop MVP’s to test with our key customers
  • The technical team spend a % of their time on future R+D projects that may result in new products

Customer Experience


  • Concierge experience for large accounts
  • Extensive online support & help
  • 24/7 support enabled through team in different time zones. USP – Response within 2 hours day & night – to minimize downtime cost to customers.
  • We’ve become a source of information & inspiration for building a better manufacturing business

Product Development


  • We’ve developed an innovative cloud hosted web app that is very easy to use for operators, editors and viewers
  • Develop software quickly in an agile scrum method and release every 2 weeks
  • We’re very responsive to customer feedback and implement great suggestions quickly
  • We’ve developed plugins to major enterprise software applications e.g. SAP, Sage etc
  • Predictive analytics is prompting our clients recommendations actions to improve their business