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Automotive – Single Piece Flow Production Line

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Key Results

  • Rapid Business Growth.
  • 20% Productivity Improvement.
  • Improved Product Quality.
  • Improved Data-Driven Decision Making.
  • Full traceability of components and manufacturing processes.

The Challenge

Our client, a leading European manufacturer of automotive headlamps required a production control and quality assurance system to meet the supply conditions of leading luxury brand automotive OEMs. As production volumes grew, the needed a production control system that was capable of scaling effectively.

The Solution

Metis Automation delivered a customised production control solution using our MES Software Tascus, combining production control software, barcode scanning for traceability and electrical and pneumatic hardware for product quality verification.


Our client has seen rapid growth in their market, acquiring new business from several luxury brand automotive OEMs since upgrading their production capabilities. The automated quality control features ensure their clients receive high-quality products. Process traceability ensures that if there are any component issues, our client can quickly and easily identify affected products.

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