Improving Product Lead Time and Maintaining Quality

Manufacturing Execution System for manufacturing food industry metal detectors.

Factory AutomationKey Results

  • Dramatically Improved Product Lead Time.
  • 20% Productivity Improvement.
  • Improved Product Quality.
  • Improved Data-Driven Decision Making.

The Challenge

In an increasingly competitive world, manufacturers are under scrutiny to ensure that their products are more consistent, safer and of a higher quality than ever before. Food and pharmaceutical industries use industrial metal detectors throughout the production line. Where a risk of metal contamination has been identified, it allows manufacturers to not only fulfil their regulatory requirements but also to increase consumer safety and quality assurance.

Mettler Toledo Safeline metal detectors offer a range of solutions designed to meet customers’ specific requirements. Developing bespoke solutions for customers provides many advantages – a product tailored to specific requirements and high sensitive metal detection, and high-quality customer service. However, this responsive design service can also create some challenges during the production of the metal detectors.

Developing completely customised solutions means that the production processes must be dynamically configured for every metal detector that is produced. This was previously managed through paper-based systems resulting in large overheads, longer lead times, inaccurate data and maintenance difficulties.

The Solution

A factory automation solution was needed to ensure customer requirements continued to be met without compromising delivery timescales or quality. The production process needed to be improved by providing automatic sequencing of tests configured specifically for each metal detector.

Mettler Toledo Safeline worked with Metis Automation to develop an innovative solution across the entire production process using our MES Sofware, Tascus. This dramatically improved lead time whilst maintaining quality. It also boosted productivity, digitally connected production systems and provided a more responsive service to customers.

High-Quality Data for Informed Business Decisions

Key production data is now stored in a centralised database. It is displayed in an easy-to-view web dashboard to inform and assist business decision-making. As a result, production managers have the ability to instantly see the status of all devices in progress, throughout the entire factory. With this advanced factory automation solution, Metis Automation has cut out hours of manual data collection required to make manufacturing decisions.


In conclusion, Mettler Toledo Safeline has increased productivity through standardised processes and also improved management visibility of production trends.