One of the most common data acquisition (DAQ) applications is logging acquired data to disk for analysis. This requires a datalogging system with the following components:


Firstly, Sensors convert the physical value to be measured into an electrical signal. Select the correct sensors for the signal type you are measuring and a sensor with an output signal that can be read by a DAQ device.

Secondly, a Data Acquisition device converts electrical signals into data that can be read by software. National Instruments provide a wide range of devices for Data Acquisition, the most flexible being compactDAQ devices. These are configurable for a wide range of signals and channel count.

Thirdly, Datalogging Software to log the data to disk and to display information on charts.

When selecting datalogging software for your application, it is worth considering how flexible it needs to be and the output that you need from your datalogging system.


Datalogging software can be classified into one of three categories:

1. Simple Datalogging Software provides extremely simple user interaction and can log data to disk in seconds. These systems are ideal when simplicity and fast startup are important and when the system is used to monitor the same signal type again and again.

DataloggingLogging Load Cells & Pressure in a simple Turnkey datalogger

When you need a simple tool to log data from a number of sensors, our logging products enable you to log data quickly and easily to standard file formats and have an intuitive display of the data that you are logging.

2. Configurable Datalogging Software enables engineers to record data to disk quickly, but with more control than with Turnkey systems. They provide more control and flexibility with DAQ devices and are a great solution when a DAQ system will be used many times to log various signals.

DataloggingA Configurable Datalogger where engineers can quickly select which channels to log and which names & scaling factors to use.

3. Programmable Datalogging Software gives engineers maximum control over their datalogging system, but requires programming expertise to configure their systems. We use National Instruments LabVIEW to develop our Turnkey and Configurable logging systems. You can benefit from our programming expertise, by using one of our code templates to get you started with your datalogging system.



To make all our software solutions foolproof and easy for any operator to use, we also keep the logging process as simple as possible and cut the number of steps required to:

  1. Click on the Logging button
  2. Enter the test details
  3. That’s it! Logging has started and runs until you stop

DataloggingStart Logging and enter a name for the test to record


When you need to create test reports for your customers our reporting features will automatically create the test report by sending a report straight to a printer. This will give you a hard copy immediately or by saving a PDF or Excel copy of the report so that you can easily email the report to your customer.


Reporting can be included in our Turnkey, Configurable and Programmable logging software systems.

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