One of our areas of expertise is Automated Test Systems. Here we explain what they are and how they help our clients improve their test processes.


They ensure high product quality throughout a product’s life-cycle. This ensures your company is protected against unnecessary product failures due to mistakes or omissions during production, validation and design.  Product Lifecycle

They also offer manufacturers a way to save money by cutting test times and freeing up labour time spent on lengthy, complex tests.

Our clients have seen a 100% increase in test throughput on automated test systems. Whereas test processes were previously a production bottleneck, they can now ship more products. They have also seen their time freed up, which means they can focus on development work. As a result, they no longer have to spend tedious hours monitoring and controlling manual test systems.

Automated Test enables you to standardise your test practices. We work with many clients in industries with high demands on suppliers for quality of test practices. Automated Test will ensure that all tests are carried out to test specifications. This will enhance the quality of products shipped to your clients.


Automated Test Systems have several Key Components: Automated Test System Image


National Instruments Hardware:

To upgrade to an automated validation test system, you will need to add a Data Acquisition device. This will acquire signals from your test system and control outputs. We use National Instruments compactDAQ and compactRIO devices for many of our automated test systems. Their ease of use and guaranteed reliability and flexibility, make them an ideal solution for this application. These devices allow you to specify which signals you need to measure and control, using off the shelf components for each signal type.

We can help you to quickly specify a custom DAQ system to run your automated test. You will then need a software application to run the test and maintain the test logic. This will decide what to do and make the decisions that up until now your test operators have been making.


We use LabVIEW to develop our test applications. Our ready to run test application software Metest can help get your automated test project started immediately. You will also have test limits to apply, to help decide whether it has Passed or Failed. This is achieved using the software application Metest and are often read from a file or database. Using Metest you can also edit and create test limits in our custom Test Sequence Editor.


The goal of running a test is to get results and these can come in many different formats. First of all the Automated Test System will give you a result on the screen of how the test is progressing and whether it has Passed or Failed:Metest Test Running

For production tests, we can save tests into a database or files to store on your network. For Validation tests, we can log data so that you can analyse what happened to all of your system parameters, over the course of the test. We have also helped clients by creating automated test reports that they can print on the production line or emailed to a customer. If you think that an Automated Test System could help your business, contact us. We are happy to discuss your application and how we could help.

We have produced a full featured automated test software. Our product Metest can significantly reduce the time and cost of your test processing.

Automated Test

If you want a complete test or control solution, we can take care of everything from design, manufacture to installation. Our leading-edge Turnkey systems are flexible, user-friendly and reliable. Automated Test