LabVIEW is an ideal tool for measurement, test and control software.

Our engineers are experts in LabVIEW, together with National Instruments hardware devices. We can help when you need advice with your test, measurement and control system. All of our engineers are experienced consultants who are adept at quickly assessing your needs, as well as implementing an effective solution.


  • Expert support and software development
  • A team of expert Certified Architects and Developers, based around the UK.
  • A National Instruments Alliance Partner.
  • Vast experience in LabVIEW; Test Stand and National Instruments hardware, namely DAQ, compactRIO and PXI.


…Metis Automation worked on AMEC’s Hot Box Dome Project for EDF Energy. They always delivering excellent LabVIEW code, which performs complex calculations and interfaces with various equipment including vision systems. The system also had an excellent user interface and has been well documented for any future work. We have been very pleased with the work for AMEC and as a result wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Metis Automation to other companies“. Paul Stirling, AMEC.