In a Connected Manufacturing Road Mapping Session, you will work with our team of experts to discover the optimum route to implement Connected Manufacturing within your business. Companies are implementing the principles of Connected Manufacturing, and as a result are achieving business benefits. This specifically involves integrating manual and automated manufacturing operations with existing IT systems. Our expert engineers have been helping clients to integrate these systems for over 20 years.

Connected Manufacturing Road Mapping Session


  • A visit from a industrial automation and also a networking expert to advise on implementing Connected Manufacturing.
  • A report detailing a plan of how to implement Connected Manufacturing in your organisation.
  • Follow up support to help integrate your operations technology (OT) into your IT system.


  • With your detailed plan you will avoid costly mistakes
  • Gain greater insight into manufacturing operations.
  • See the path to offer new products and services to your customers.
  • Immediate improvement in manufacturing processes as well as product quality.
  • Guaranteed improvements in production trace-ability.