We Develop Innovative, Paperless Manufacturing Software.

Metis Automation was founded in 2009, by one of the UK’s foremost Software Architects with a passion to solve manufacturers challenges. Our software transforms the working experience of manufacturers, allowing them to increase their productivity and profitability. During our 10 years, we’ve had the honour of winning an Industry 4.0 Award for Our Paperless MES Software – Tascus, and have successfully completed over 100 projects!

Our Award-Winning paperless manufacturing software will transform your production processes and as a result, allows you to:

  • Profit from new business with demanding high-value customers.
  • Boost profit margins due to increased productivity.
  • Protect your brand with improved product quality.
  • Save time and money on costly product recalls with automated traceability.
  • Keep up with your competitors by implementing Industry 4.0 technology.

If you are researching how digital technologies may affect your manufacturing processes, get your questions answered:

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Our Mission

Our software engineers are passionate about creating cutting-edge, user-friendly software, that radically improves the working experience of manufacturers of complex products.


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Manufacturing Operations Management Systems

LabVIEW is the perfect tool to connect processes and machinery in your factory because the number of devices it connects to is enormous. As a National Instruments Alliance Partner, we are a trusted provider of their software and hardware solutions. Our Technical Director has been assessed as “Outstanding” in National Instruments’ toughest LabVIEW certification. We were also finalists in the National Instruments Engineering Impact Awards.

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