Increase Product Quality and Traceability with Our Paperless Manufacturing MES Software

Use our comprehensive Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software – Tascus to create high-quality products with minimum defects. Tascus reduces or eliminates time spent on rework, with manufacturing process control, traceability, operations management and quality control. This MES software lets you improve productivity by 30%, win new business with higher value customers and protect your brand reputation.


and Quality Checks


of production operations


your own production sequences


View Key Production KPIs


Track production orders and exceed targets

Our MES Software checks for errors throughout your production process -as opposed to just at the end- saving you time and reducing or eliminating rework costs by preventing errors before they happen. Tascus also enables you to cut the cost of the rework that’s unavoidable, by identifying faults at a much earlier stage in your production process.

Key Benefits

  • Cut Production Errors by 30with guided manufacturing assembly steps and process integrity checks. You won’t have to suffer the headache of fixing production errors and rework after implementing our Paperless Manufacturing software, Tascus.
  • Make Better Business Decisions using the Tascus real-time production reports that tell you exactly what is happening in your factory. Get insight into live production statistics and product progress through your factory.
  • Reduce Costly Product Rework by preventing product defects and profit from your reduced manufacturing costs.
  • Maintain Full Product TraceabilityEliminate the expense of mass product recalls, as Tascus traces which faulty components have been fitted in your products. Therefore, you only need to recall the affected items.
  • Improve Product Quality by standardising manufacturing operations with work instructions and functional testing.
  • Integrate Manufacturing Processes Easily and Quickly by connecting directly to smart tools or adding sensors to manual processes.
  • Perform Quality Checks and Functional Tests that Ensure Errors are Found Early. Be at ease in the knowledge that Tascus is in place, protecting your brand 24/7 so you don’t have to worry.

Who It’s For

  • Production Managers and Directors will gain a greater insight into current production status with Tascus production reports, enabling better decisions to be made.
  • Production Supervisors will find it easier to meet production targets and identify issues in production.
  • Production Operators will be guided through production steps to ensure they can build complex products reliably.
  • Production Engineers will be able to easily identify issues with production equipment that are causing production bottlenecks.

MES Software Features


  • Manufacturing Process Control
  • E-Work Instructions
  • Scan, Track & Trace Components
  • Pick Station
  • Manufacturing Process Connectivity
  • In-Process Sensor Connectivity
  • Smart Tools Connectivity
  • PLC & Custom Machinery Connectivity
  • Manufacturing Work Flows
  • Process Integrity Checks
  • Non-Conforming Materials
  • Rework
  • ERP Connectivity
  • Traceability
  • Product Traceability
  • Process Traceability
  • Product Certificate
  • Product Image Capture
  • Operator Assistance
  • Skills Database
  • Operator Action Log
  • Quality Control
  • Manual Functional Tests
  • Automated Functional Tests
  • Quality Inspections
  • Product Vision Inspection
  • Production Reporting
  • Production Dashboard
  • Production Report Viewer
  • Production Status Viewer
  • OEE Reporting
  • Configuration
  • Production Sequence Editor
  • Production Flow Editor
  • Cloud Data Storage
  • Private In-House Data Storage


Manual Process Quality Control and Traceability


Improved Productivity with Process Automation

We offer Tascus on a monthly subscription basis. A software license is required for each production station. The software subscription includes:

  • Continual software updates, including full system customisation for your business needs.
  • System support – including phone, email and on-site callout.
  • Regular monthly system maintenance.
  • System installation and training.