Profit from Reduced Downtime with Preventative Maintenance Software

The cost of a machine breakdown can be up to 15 times the cost of the maintenance task. Reactively responding to machine breakdowns, costs manufacturers approximately £180 billion each year in downtime alone. With Preventt’s preventative and predictive maintenance checking you can proactively maintain your assets, reducing your downtime costs by up to 80%.

Preventative Maintenance Software

Key Benefits

  • Stop Data Overloading Your Maintenance Team. Eliminate spreadsheets planning maintenance schedules and enjoy this automatic preventative maintenance system giving you the relevant information when you need it.
  • Ensure that Machines are Kept in Optimum Working Order. Predictive Maintenance task triggers will allow you to maintain assets as soon as performance levels drop.
  • Dramatically Reduce Machine Breakdowns. Preventt ensures that maintenance tasks cannot be overlooked.

Preventative Maintenance Software

Preventt – Maintenance Task Manager
  • Save Money by Detecting Machine Problems Early. E-mail notifications are sent to you when sensors detect measurements that exceed alarm levels, reducing your downtime.
  • Eliminate Tedious Manual Data Collection and Analysis. Preventt automatically stores and trends data from machine sensors with automatic graphs that allow you to choose the correct alarm levels from accurate data.

Preventative Maintenance Software

Preventt – Alarms Trend View

Preventative Maintenance Software, Preventt Features


  • Maintenance Task Sheduling
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduled Tasks
    Eliminate tedious manual tracking of routine maintenance tasks with automation, to schedule correction before asset defects occur.
  • Predictive Maintenance Alarm Triggered Tasks
    Cut costly, unexpected downtime by monitoring the actual condition of assets to decide when maintenance should be performed.
  • Predictive Maintenance Cycle Count Tasks
    Reduce the stress of unexpected downtime by monitoring the number of times assets that have exceeded alarm levels, then scheduling tasks based on that data.
  • Notifications
  • Email Notifications
    Improve productivity by detecting asset problems early with email notifications for tasks and alarms.
  • Automatic Reports
    Easily generate task and alarm reports to present what is happening in your maintenance department.
  • Asset Interlocks
    Reduce downtime caused by overlooking maintenance tasks. Preventt can stop your assets working until all tasks have been completed.
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Condition Monitoring
    Increase efficiency by reducing manual machine monitoring and automatically acquiring sensor information for predictive maintenance.
  • Stores and Trends Asset Data
    Effectively maintain your assets by trending sensor information over time.
  • Track Asset OEE Performance
    Improve productivity by automatically tracking Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE).
  • Configuration
  • Cloud Data Storage
    Eliminate the cost of local data servers with instant, secure access to your test data anywhere across the web.
  • Private In-House Data Storage
    If your policy is to keep data in house then access your data on a local server.


Eliminate Manual Tracking


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