Protect Your Brand with Our Automated Test Software for Manufacturing

Metest protects your brand’s reputation by ensuring that your products function as expected before you deliver them to your customers. It performs functional product tests, during R&D to validate designs and for production, it verifies that your product is of the highest quality with minimal to no defects. Metest allows you to readily configure automated tests of product features, to verify that they are fit for market. It enables you to test products easily and lets you quickly respond to product changes in-house, reducing the lifetime cost of your test system.

Automated Test Software

Key Benefits

  • Test Products Faster. Increase your productivity and profits with automated, unattended testing.
  • Create Consistently High-Quality Products using repeatable test sequences that remove manual inconsistencies. Feel proud delivering dependable, high-quality products that delight your customers. Remove costly manual inconsistencies by switching to this repeatable, reliable, automated test system.
  • Have a Reliable Pass/Fail Test Status, Every Time. Don’t suffer from complex manual tests causing ambiguous results. Relax and rely on our trusted software to protect your brand with a reliable test status every time and your customers will thank you with repeat orders when your product quality levels skyrocket.

Automated Test Software for manufacturing

Metest Automated Test Software – Production Test Screen


  • Improve Product Quality by removing human error in testing by controlling test conditions and limits. Eliminate the stress of unreliable manual tests and finger in the air product quality decisions. Use Metest for definitive, dependable results every time.
  • Save Time Recording Test Results and Generating Reports. Stop wasting time and losing money manually recording data and generating professional product test reports, let Metest do it for you.
  • Get Your Products to Market in Half the Time, trust Metest to automatically perform your test data analysis.
  • Implement Software Changes In-House. Avoid long waits getting your test changes implemented externally. Enjoy using the Metest Sequence Editor to simply customise your own product tests in a few clicks and revel in the cost savings.

Automated Test Software for manufacturing

Metest Automated Test Software – Sequence Editor

Metest has been used by the European Space Agency to rigorously test their solar orbiter device leading to Metis Automation becoming a finalist in the National Instruments Engineering Impact Awards 2016.

Automated Test Software, Metest Features


  • Test Sequences
  • Looped Test Sequences
    Get your product to market in half the time by running an automated test in a loop.
  • Conditional Logic
    Cut manual analysis and increase productivity with logic that allows you to change test conditions.
  • Data Analysis
    Boost your profits with automated data analysis that allows you to get your test results quicker.
  • Start Tests with a Barcode Scan
    Reduce mistakes by using barcode scanners to select the correct test for each product.
  • Test Steps
  • Numeric Limit Tests
    Ensure that your product performs as expected with automatic sensor measurements.
  • Pass/Fail Tests
    Ensure that your product performs as expected with automatic and reliable Pass/Fail results.
  • Control Hardware
    Save time and money with automatic control of hardware devices improving repeatability.
  • Control Data Logging
    Improve your product design with high speed data logging, allowing you to perform detailed product analysis.
  • Sub Sequences
    Keep your test sequences organised and easy to maintain by creating reusable sub sequences.
  • Display Work Instructions
    Reduce mistakes by ensuring that operators have correct work information using automated work instructions.
  • Test Results
  • Store Results to CSV Files
    Simplify your test analysis with csv files to view your test results and analyse your data.
  • Store Results to Excel
    Cut out a data analysis step by saving test results into an Excel file, for reporting or analysis.
  • Store Results to a Database
    Find your test results quicker, by storing them in a well organised database.
  • Create Product Reports
    Create professional product reports in Excel, PDF or HTML that can be automatically sent to customers.
  • Configuration
  • Create Test Sequences
    Gain a fast ROI by easily creating your test sequences in-house.
  • Edit Test Sequences
    Save money even when products change by easily editing existing test sequences.
  • Edit Test Limits
    Create definitive, dependable results using repeatable test limits to control Pass/Fail status.
  • Link Products to Test Sequences
    Ensure that the correct test sequence is used for each product, using a database to link them.
  • Manage Users
    Secure your test system with access levels which allow users to run sequences, but only administrators to create and edit them.
  • Cloud Data Storage
    Get instant, secure access to your test data anywhere across the web, eliminating the cost of local data servers.
  • Private In-House Data Storage
    Keep data in-house with local data storage.

R&D Test

Cut Development Time with Automated R&D Tests

Production Line Test

Improve Product Quality with Automated Tests during Production