Save 100's of hours creating and customising test reports for your customers.
Nowadays, PC based dataloggers can acquire all of your test information and then automatically create a test report as soon as the test is complete.
Is your Pressure Test Rig, costing you time and money?
In the past, our clients manually created test reports from their test rigs.  Engineers spent many painstaking hours creating Excel reports and extracting test data from Chart Recorders.
After installing our automated datalogger - PressureLog, they were able to  log data automatically and create test reports for it.
With our PressureLog software in place, countless hours were saved allowing them to focus solely on delivering better products to their clients.
Nowadays, many engineers trust PressureLog to enable them to complete projects way ahead of schedule. They wonder why upgrading their test rigs took them so long!

Don’t Take Our Word For It...

"Metis Automation managed and developed a turnkey rig, that measures equipment system pressure for Product Assurance.  Not only did Martin and his team understand very quickly our design and business requirements, they were able to use their expertise to recommend and ultimately improve our project, to deliver on time and in full, a system above our expectations."


Product Quality Assurance Manager


Automated Test Certificates 
Generate a test certificate automatically, for each test performed - instantly eliminating all time spent creating, editing and formatting reports.
Simple Test Operation
Minimise the chance of operator errors, with a simple one step start for tests. 
Live Test Display
View the test chart as it is acquired - to help quickly decide how well the pressure test is progressing.
Add Test Limits
Configure test limit bands for each test component, to ensure test operators get immediate test results.
Easy Connectivity
Connect any 4-20mA sensor into the system and connect the data acquisition device with USB, Ethernet or WiFi for remote test bays. 
Manage user access
Configure access levels to record operations for Operators, Engineers and Administrators. Ensure no mistakes are made setting up tests.
Remote Login
Setup a remote login so that customers can witness tests online.
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