Metis Automation hosted the North West LabVIEW User Group at sensor City Liverpool on February 5th, 2018. During this fun and educational event LabVIEW developers from all over the North West met to discuss their current challenges and learn from the sessions.

Time Critical Communications for Industrial Robotics

Peter Whiteley, Metis Automation presented a fascinating session about the progression of a project involving remote control of an industrial robot. He explained how the software had developed to meet harsh environmental challenges found when operating the robot in remote areas. He explained the solution that we finally implemented involved using UDP broadcasting to continually send messages to the robot. This allows for the temporary loss of communication to the robot, but for it still to respond in a timely manner.

An Introduction to UML

David Maidman, Control Software Solution, gave an in-depth presentation on the uses and applications of UML diagrams in designing and creating LabVIEW applications. David gave an overview of the main diagrams available in UML and used an example project from the audience to develop some diagrams during the session. If you’d like to get an introduction to UML, you can find an online tutorial here.

David then gave an overview of the LabVIEW GOOP toolkit and how that can be used to automatically create classes within LabVIEW, this is a great time-saving tool, as it can create hundreds of classes and methods in minutes.

Coding Challenge

Simon Carter, CTCMS hosted our LabVIEW coding challenge. He posed some difficult challenges related to identifying and creating prime numbers in LabVIEW. He decided on these challenges after working on projects where data security was a critical issue and prime numbers play a large part in data encryption.

Sensor City Tour

Magomed Muradov, LCR4.0 LJMU gave a great tour around the lab facilities at Sensor City, which are available to companies in the Liverpool City region. Sensor City has a mix of mechanical, electrical and software laboratories with the latest equipment to help startup companies develop innovative products.