Metis Automation will improve your business and furthermore, help you gain a competitive advantage, by implementing manufacturing automation solutions.

We will provide you with a leading edge Connected Manufacturing turnkey system. We will ensure that you won’t be left behind in terms of production efficiency, product quality, product customisation and customer satisfaction. Our proven software products and complete manufacturing automation solutions will allow your project to be delivered efficiently and reliably, giving assurance that your investment in a connected factory is a success.

Metis Automation

About Metis Automation

Our engineers have extensive experience in advanced manufacturing and building state of the art production lines. They work confidently together with their combined specialist expertise. We know what your production line needs for dependable, world-class manufacturing performance. We have also never come across a problem that we couldn’t find an elegant solution to.


We use LabVIEW to connect processes and machinery. LabVIEW is the perfect tool because the number of devices it connects to is enormous. 

As a National Instruments Alliance Partner, we are a trusted provider of software and hardware solutions. Our Lead Architect has been assessed as OUTSTANDING’ in National Instruments’ toughest LabVIEW certification.

Metis Automation takes care of everything for you, including; consultation, design, installation of software and hardware, integration and support tailored to your needs. Finally, we pride ourselves on understanding your business objectives while ensuring that you achieve the highest Return on Investment.