Our team specialise in designing and implementing advanced connected manufacturing systems. Our proven software products allow your project to be delivered efficiently and in addition, ensure your investment is a success.

We work with attention to the business benefits of your project at the forefront of our minds. Consequently, we implement systems that allow you to gain a competitive advantage by; improving production efficiency, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Our Team

Sensor City Liverpool, (Credit Sensor City)          

Our Team Expertise

Our expert team of  LabVIEW software Architects and Developers have extensive experience in manufacturing. They work confidently together with a combined specialist expertise. We know what your production line needs for dependable, world class performance and moreover, we have never come across a problem we couldn’t find an elegant solution to.

Our Technical Director- Martin Griffiths (who oversees our projects) is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and LabVIEW Architect. He has 14 years experience working on advanced automated test and control systems. His score of 100% on the Architect exam (the highest LabVIEW qualification) assures you of receiving a proven, well designed application that will be easy to maintain.

We are a National Instruments Alliance Partner. Consequently, we have been approved to deliver high quality solutions using National Instruments hardware and LabVIEW software.

Our Recipe for Success

Keeping the business objective of your project in the forefront of our minds. Ensuring that you get the maximum return on your investment.